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Veda Housekeeping Services Pune

For any customized cleaning related services/Commercial Housekeeping/Office-Housekeeping service etc. Feel free to contact us. 9763193597

Deep Cleaning Includes

  • Floor cleaning.
  • Doors and Window Cleaning.
  • Connecting Channels of Sliding Doors and Windows.
  • Metallic grills of windows, welcome doors and all the other areas where it is installed.
  • Fan, Tube-lights, Switch Boards, TV, Sofa, Table and any other cabinets which are installed anywhere at you home.
  • Kitchen Area cleaning including inner grills of your kitchen cabinets, external cleaning of every electrical appliances etc.
  • Toilet, Bathroom cleaning service includes cleaning of all the mirrors, partition glasses or metallic fixtures.

Kitchen Cleaning/Bathroom-Cleaning/Single Room Cleaning.

Cleaning/Housekeeping staff for parties or events: Rs.1000/day for each housekeeping staff.

» Extra charges are applicable for Sofa Shampoo and wet wall-washing.
» In Case of Modular Kitchen, the charges will be extra.
» Payment Mode: Cash And Cheq Only (For Domestic Housekeeping).
» Ladder and water should be arranged by client. In case of unavailability of ladder, it should be informed during the time of   booking.

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